Our Philosophy

We’re here to help. It’s a pretty simple philosophy, rooted in the core values of founding attorney Bill Erhart. After serving in the Marine Corps, Bill studied theology in seminary before becoming an attorney. Those two experiences forged his desire to help others and became the foundation our firm:

• Helping people take action to preserve their savings and investments in order to live a full life into retirement and leave something for their children.
• Helping families pay for care when a loved one faces a health-care crisis.

In both situations, a knowledgeable attorney can help you understand the legal steps you should take to make your money go farther and to make sure your wishes about your health and your inheritance are clear.

We want to be of service to you – to help you avoid confusion in the future. We offer legal expertise which comes from decades of practicing law and serving literally thousands of people like you. We turn your worry, frustrations and fears into peace of mind.

“I feel good doing this work,” Bill says. “It’s very gratifying to help people find a path forward.”